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Maurice P. CHOQUARD, LL.M.

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Langjurthenstrasse 10
CH-8700 Kusnacht-Zurich


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Name: “choquattorneys”




BRIDGE between cultures / jurisdictions (Transacting business abroad as if at home). Multi-cultural background and international contacts enable us to be your bridge between:
- Zurich (German part of Switzerland) and Geneva (its French part),
- Civil law jurisdictions and Common law jurisdictions,
- Switzerland (as European headquarters for companies) and the world.

CONFIDENCE with clients through personal contact  (If you want a friend, be one). We like to become friends with our clients and are happy that our friends become clients.

CORPORATE INSIDE AWARENESS (A good business attorney is a businessman with legal skills). Most of us have spent many years as In-house and/or as General Counsel. This have granted us invaluable experience and taught us legal modesty: Law is only one dimension of any business decision.

INDEPENDENCE (Our interest is yours; we have to render account to no one else). Unlike in medium-size or in large law firms, boutique "solo"-practitioners like us are geared to be entirely dedicated to you, the client, without taking anyone else into consideration.

KEEP IT SIMPLE (Streamlining complexity). Let us together be deal-makers, not deal-breakers.

MULTIPLE LEGAL EDUCATION (If you want to win, you have to know the playing field) In a global world, it is a must to be knowledgeable of the different legal systems encountered. As the Common Law system, especially the one of the United States of America, has become THE world legal system, we have spent years to gain the best possible:
- academic education in USA Law ('LL.M.' at U.C. Berkeley and at University of Virginia, MBA at University of Chicago Business School and at GOLDEN GATE University);
- professional licence to practice law in the USA (member of the California Bar);
- professional experience in the USA (practice as junior attorney and of counsel in San Francisco and Chicago, followed by extensive practical exposure (mostly contract negotiations) in the USA markets.

PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE (Book-smarts AND Street-smarts). Academic knowledge alone is of no use in the market place.

PREVENTIVE THINKING-PERFORMANCE (Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure). Our goal is to avoid problems by anticipating them.

SPECIALISED as GENERALIST (Thinking 'Outside the Box' to See the Big Picture).
Only a trained generalist can spot issues and choose the proper way to integrate different fields of law in different jurisdictions. Then, the proper solutions may be facilitated.


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